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David Plummer, M.Ed., OLY
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David is an experienced professional in developing high performing leaders and teams. He has a passion for developing leaders that are able to support engagement and motivation from those they lead. He also consults with leaders to help them better understand their organizational culture and implement processes and structures that will help change the culture for the better. David specializes in leadership education, team building, and developing high performing team cultures and serves as the director of leadership and culture.

David believes that positive leaders drive corporate culture which, in turn, drives performance. He knows that good leaders are able to build relationships, increase motivation, and foster collaboration, but the best leaders are able to develop a culture where this happens naturally. David also believes that leaders can improve their ability to do all of these things with intentional reflection and a strong work ethic.

After helping his team win two Big Ten Titles at the University of Minnesota, David’s first role as a professional was as an athlete and coach. As an athlete, he competed at four World Championships, earning three medals. He was a four-time National Champion and retired from swimming after winning Gold and Bronze in the Rio Olympic Games. As a coach, he led athletes to become all-americans and teams to their best performances in history. David brings the same work ethic and drive he exhibited as a professional athlete and coach to each project and client he works with.

David is currently consulting with the University of Minnesota Athletic Department to develop and implement a leadership program for student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. This program seeks not only to improve leadership capacity in all stakeholders, but foster a culture that supports engagement, development, and constant improvement.

Education and Training

David has an undergraduate degree and Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota. David’s Master’s degree is in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development. David serves on the United States Anti Doping Agency Board of Directors and has previously been involved on the National Team Steering Committee for USA Swimming. He enjoys helping organizations develop strategy around structures and engagement that drive performance at the highest levels. David began his career as an intern in athletics administration at the University of Minnesota where he supported special projects for the Athletic Director and executive team.


David is certified in both the EQi 2.0 and DISC assessments. He is also currently leading a team that is charged with creating and validating a cultural assessment that seeks to capture and present data that will help leaders effectively create structures and implement processes that improve engagement, drive motivation, support a positive culture, and improve performance.


David has presented on a number of topics including leadership and team culture. Throughout David’s career as an athlete, he was amazed to find that even in an individual sport, great leadership and a positive team culture supported high performance. David presents from his own experience as a consultant and as a elite athlete to tell a story that is approachable and engaging, while still speaking to the best practices of the field.