Next Generation Roundtable Groups

Next Generation Roundtable Groups are an excellent way for next gen leaders to develop and fully understand many of the complex issues that face family members and leaders in a Family Business.

The group can:

  • Increase individual leadership awareness: strengths, limitations, and individual styles.
  • Identify and discuss the unique challenges when working within a family-owned business.
  • Offer resources and guidance regarding key business, family, and ownership transitions.
  • Connect with other emerging leaders to share perspectives, ideas, and strategies.

Throughout the course of these groups, participants naturally:

  • Clarify leadership vision–personal, family, organizational, market.
  • Ground leadership in core values and principles.
  • Develop leadership competencies.
  • Build key skills to optimize success (e.g. conflict resolution, influencing, motivating employees, etc).

Upon completion of the program, participants typically have:

  • Created an Achievement Plan with performance indicators to efficiently attain their goals and provide accountability.
  • Assessed key leadership of strengths and limiting “blind spots”.
  • Enhanced awareness of the challenges and best practices when working within a family business.
  • Developed a network of successful peers who are in similar situations from multiple industries.

Included in group participation: Each participant will have access to a complete a battery of the most advanced leadership, personality, communication, and transition assessments that will enhance their own awareness and give them a strategy on how to best address many of the complex issues they’ll face as a leader of an organization. Please contact us for more information regarding JSA Next Generation Roundtables.