Services For Businesses

Services For Businesses
Executive and Performance Coaching JSA Advising uses principles of performance psychology to provide new insights about the relationship between one’s inner experiences, external demands, and success. Performance outcomes depend on a number of factors; JSA Advising will create customized process and plan that fits your needs...more…Read More
Communication and Conflict Deliberate facilitation can be an effective way to reduce conflict in business by creating clearer boundaries and more structure around the communication processes. JSA Advising is experienced in facilitating meetings for business groups that have difficulty communicating clearly and without reacting with wasteful emotion….more…Read More
Business Transitions Senior generation decision makers often transition ownership of the family business or wealth by identifying an “heir apparent” to step into his or her leadership role. The problem is the other family members, owners, and business managers are often not willing to accept the heir apparent’s authority to identify and balance their differing interests. In fact, roughly 70% of all family wealth or business transitions fail with the next generation of ownership. And 85% of those that fail, do so because there is a lack of trust and communication either between generations or among the same generation or lack of next generation developmentRead More
Ownership Meetings and Retreats It is important to have a solid understanding of the values, needs, and goals of all parties involved in your Ownership group. One of the most powerful ways to enhance relationships and learn more about other Owners needs and desires is to take time to have intentional meetings or even a meaningful retreat. Choosing a location that is fun and inviting for all Ownership members can increase the energy and enjoyment of the retreat. JSA Advising can enhance this experience by facilitating important discussions on key issues around vision, strategy, expectations, and communication that are vital to the success of your business. Combining several hours of meaningful and engaging discussions along with a number of group activities can generate the needed balance to make the retreat a very rewarding and productive experienceRead More
Team Building Group or team building can enhance trust among teammates, improve communication, reduce conflict, or develop leadership roles in key personnel. At times, you may want an “objective person” to help work through difficult team dynamics or to improve team cohesiveness. JSA Advising develops customized team building initiatives that utilize proven sport psychology concepts (that we have used with professional/collegiate athletic teams) to enhance team chemistry and performance. Please contact us here if you would like to discuss how we can help develop your team.
Assessments Tools Assessment Tools (Personality, Communication, Leadership, Competency, etc.) and surveys can be an excellent resource to develop yourself, your team, and your business. JSA Advising uses highly valid and reliable personality, leadership, communication, and transition assessments to enhance and support our client’s goals. We use assessments to enhance and support three different areas of your business.Read More