Assessments for Families

A fundamental construct of a happy families is health. When families are at their best, they report that they are healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally. Having good clear communication and expectations at home (within the family unit) can go a long ways in finding more optimal performance at work. JSA Advising, LLC utilizes its knowledge in family systems theory to support both families and business leaders.

Process Communication Model (PCM)
The PCM is an internationally acclaimed language-based personality and communication model developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler. We employ PCM for Families and Ownership groups to better understand each other’s communication styles, psychological motivators and predictable distress patterns. The better we understand each other’s style, the great harmony we will find in the group. We use this tool to teach families and owners to more effectively communicate with others, while drawing on their strengths.

Strengths Finder 2.0:
Based on a 40-year study of human strengths, Gallup created a language of the 34 most common talents and developed the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to help people discover and describe these talents. In 2001, the initial version of this assessment was included with the bestselling management book Now, Discover Your Strengths. The discussion quickly moved beyond the management audience of this book. The goal was to start a global conversation about what’s right with people. JSA Advising utilizes this tool to begin important conversations around your individual and collective strengths within a family.


Work/Life Values Checklist
Identify your families most important values in work and life

Help your family better understand themselves and make more informed decisions about their preferred work environment. This 38-item online tool takes just 15 minutes.