Assessments for Businesses

Assessment Tools and surveys can be an excellent resource to develop yourself, your business or understand your family. JSA Advising uses highly valid and reliable personality, leadership, communication, and transition assessments to enhance and support our client’s goals.

Assessments For Businesses
Assessment Tools and Surveys can be an excellent resource to develop your business more efficiently and effectively. JSA Advising uses assessments to enhance and support three different areas.

1). Selection of Employees.

Employee wages and benefits can be the single greatest cost to an organization. Hiring the wrong person for the wrong position can create a big set-back in an organizations growth. Therefore, many businesses are turning to personality, intelligence, competency, communication, and/or leadership assessments that can help identify the right candidate for the job…more…

2). Development of Leaders, Managers and Teams

Giving your top people the tools and resources to develop their managerial/leadership skills is a good idea. Many leaders have strengths and limitations in their leadership styles. Building on one’s strengths and creating a strategy to develop or work around the limitations can benefit any organization. JSA offers the following assessments to help build more effective leaders/managers… more. ..

3). To Assist with Transitions

One of the best things an organization can do to protect its long term growth and sustainability is to prepare for significant transitions that may occur. One of the most common reasons privately held or family owned businesses fail occurs around the transition of leadership from one generation to the next. Having a game plan and getting key players communicating and on the same page earlier in the process can significantly reduce conflict down the road. JSA Advising, LLC offers the following transition assessments to help you prepare for your next significant transition…more…